The Never Ending Disappointment of Hairdressers

professional hairdresser in the work. studio shot over grey background

As all of us ladies know, getting your hair done isn’t exactly cheap, so when you finally have the spare cash to go and treat yourselves to something luxurious for your hair we have high hopes.

You first start by scanning the Internet and the latest celebrity hair trends.

After a long and hard search you see that shoulder length straight cut is the trend of 2016 and looks stunning on Khloe Kardashian and would look gorgeous on you. Obviously.

Next comes colour. Now, this is the hardest part it’s not as simple as going blonde, brunette or black. There’s dark brown, chocolate brown, red brown, blonde, platinum blonde, ash blonde, grey blonde, blue black. The list goes on and on.

Finally, the perfect shade you are looking for, a Crystal Ash Blonde that you know will look amazing with the cut you have just picked out.

With much excitement you save the photos to your phones and wait anxiously for your appointment.

The day has come; you arrive early because you are that excited. You enthusiastically show the hairdresser your hair hopes and dreams and wait for the magical green light.

The hairdresser agrees and says this colour would look fantastic and starts doing your hair. You sit there the entire time wondering what the colour actually looks like underneath those silver pieces of tinfoil.

At last after two hours it’s finally time to rinse that bad boy out and finally see the colour that awaits.

You sit down on the chair in front of the mirror. You instantly get a pit in your stomach, it’s definitely not the colour beautiful Crystal Ash Blonde you had hoped for. It still looks brown. You think to yourself ok it’s always darker when it’s wet, maybe it will look different when it’s dry.

The excitement comes back as they start blow drying your hair, it starts to get dryer and dryer, yet you notice it’s not getting lighter at all. That pit in your stomach comes back as you realise the fate of your hair has been sealed.

Not only did you not get that perfect blonde you were hoping for, it’s not blonde at all! Rather it is the same hair colour with a few different highlights.

The hairdressers were so lovely and kind and you don’t want to be rude so you say nothing and let them continue with the hair cut, this time you aren’t excited, your anxious. They already got the colour wrong, what if they get the cut wrong too?

They finish the cut and you are pleased to see it looks pretty close to what you asked for and you thank god that at least they got one thing right.

You are too scared to say anything so pay for your overly expensive new hair, that you don’t even like and begin your journey home.

On the way home you are furious with yourself for not speaking up and furious that not even one hairdresser can ever seem to give you what you are wanting.

You decide social media is the answer and blast it all over their page with a picture to suit. This will grab their attention.

In the morning you get a phone call from the owner of said hairdressing salon to apologise for what has happened and would love to fix your hair to the way you wanted.

You sigh with relief and thank god they got it right the second time.



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