OKO Dessert Kitchen: Review

1010081_1734326853463337_6606642987049496408_nOn Saturday night my partner and I went to the city for dinner, and a movie. With some time to kill before I movie started we decided to pop into OKO Dessert Kitchen and try a couple of their desserts.

Having walked in and past it on numerous occasions we decided it was time to try some of their delectable looking desserts.

We ordered the Banoffee cabinet dessert and a Chocolate Mousse from the Chef’s dessert.

12969161_10204748102017253_1302588379_nThe Banoffee dessert came first and straight away we noticed the impeccable presentation. It was served on a gold coaster with chocolate balls, tiny macaroon and a chocolate OKO.

Inside was a delicately smooth but somewhat bland mousse jelly with a gooey toffee sauce which had a hint of salt which accentuated the 12992768_10204748101697245_1745537066_nflavours.  The chocolate balls on top complimented the dessert nicely. At the bottom was a soft but slightly soggy biscuit layer, which tended to stick to the gold platter it was served on. On a disappointing note, although it stated it was a Banoffee dessert, it lacked any banana or banana flavour in the entire dessert.

A few minutes later the chefs Chocolate Mousse was delivered to our table. Again the presentation nothing 12992387_10204748101937251_1127431175_nshort of amazing.  The chocolate mousse was served on a layer of crumbled Oreo cookies and dollops of cream. The mousse was served in a hard chocolate shell that reminded me of biting into a magnum. When having all three elements together it distracted the flavour of the rich chocolate mousse. Normally mousse is quite smooth and silky in texture but this one was more of a ice cream texture which confuses you at first but once in the mouth, it melts pleasantly.

The staff were very friendly and helpful.

The outdoor area were we sat had a nice city vibe. Inside had a more intimate setting with mood lighting, but was a bit crowded with the counter being respectively close to the seating area.

For the price and portion of the dessert it was pretty typical for the city.

Overall both desserts were nice, but were lacking a pop of flavour that we were looking for.

Grade: B



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