Food Diary #1

tumblr_no5scmlxUu1uupqr7o1_r1_500I have decided that my unhealthy lifestyle needs to change. I am here to admit, I am a junk food addict. It’s a lifestyle I had led for many years, and not a single day goes by without having some form of chocolate or sweet treat. I read that junk food and sugar addiction is one of the worst forms of addiction and can compared with being addicted to cocaine.

I have tried MANY different approaches to leading a healthier lifestyle. I’ve tried shake diets, fasting, eating healthy but with a cheat day. All which have failed.

This time I decided on a different approach. I am kicking my addiction in a way that you would any addiction – cold turkey. Just like smoking, you can’t just have a smoke on the weekends and not go back to smoking. They same goes for junk food. Having a cheat day got my taste buds kicking and the cheat day turned into 2 cheat days, then 3 and before I knew it I am back to where I started.

To help kick this addiction which not only makes me tired, have no energy and not in the best shape body wise I have decided to document each day as I go including photos in hopes that having to put on the internet if I have relapsed and had a chocolate is humiliation enough to just not do it.

Also I will be doing exercise on top of this. Twice a week I will be going to Gymnastics and every other day I will do some form of cardio either a run, or cardio at home.

So today is Day #1 I started off the morning with a peanut butter sandwich (and by morning it was around 11.30am) I had x5 crackers and then for dinner I had venison, potato, silverbeet, carrot and broccoli.

Not too bad for my first day. But of course nature likes to punish me and I am ending the day with that time of the month which all of you gals know means cravings for chocolate are in full form.

I am used to having a sweet treat after dinner and found myself scanning the pantry for something sweet to kick my craving. I decided not to having anything but instead go for a mocha.

So all in all day one is going OK but I do need to try and drink more water and by more I actually need to start drinking water.

Tomorrow I will update you all once again and  I will document what I ate and how I am feeling on Day #2 of my healthy lifestyle.

Goal for tomorrow: Drink at least 1 glass of water, exercise.


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