Food Diary #2

IMG_9594Day two is nearly over and it was a bit easier than yesterday, but slightly harder at the same time.

I started off the morning with a nice greek yoghurt and banana for breakfast, along with a glass of water.

A couple of hours later it was lunch time and I had a couple of peanut butter sandwiches. I really need to start having nice ham or chicken sandwiches or eggs – I need more variety!

At around 3pm I was starving and felt like I hadn’t eaten all day. I had a banana to try kick the hunger to get me through to dinner time.

One thing I have noticed I am doing is that instead of eating until I am full I eat the amount I think I should be eating in order to help loose weight rather than eating a good sized portion each meal – anyone else do this?

At dinner I had a home made butter chicken with spring onion and garlic.

After dinner was the part I found hard. It seems to be the time of the day I crave sweets the most. I almost went down to the supermarket to buy a block of bubbly chocolate. I want chocolate so bad!

I knew giving up sweets wouldn’t be easier but I didn’t think I would be thinking about junk food this much.

Hopefully over time and as the days go on, it will become easier and easier to live life without sweets and treats!

Had no energy or will power to exercise today, and didn’t manage to do the glass of water, which I am really disappointed in myself with. But tomorrow is a new day.

Tomorrows goal: Exercise, more water.


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