Top 13 outfits in The Carrie Diaries

Most of us girls have a love for Sex and the City so of course we were all excited to watch The Carrie Diaries when it came out. The fantastic 80s outfits, hair and makeup did not disappoint. I have compiled 13 of my favourite outfits that Carrie wore in The Carrie Diaries. Enjoy!

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c54ab0d1c3a7562161c2db1a9daa4ab3 Get-printed-jeans-trend


carrie-diaries-season-1-winter-outfit Carrie-mixed-bold-prints-bright-colours-while-cruising-around

e3dcece086d140b864d8440099744350 Here-Carrie-party-ready-red--black-tulle-dress-suede



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